13 May 2013
Care and respect for the environment is part of the culture and philosophy of the Masi company. Particular attention is paid to the recycling of materials used in the production process, for which a dedicated ecological recycling area has been set up with separate collection points for glass, plastic, cardboard, wood and cork.

The latest development in this sector, initiated by Production Manager Ing. Bruno Boscaini, is to do with the recycling of the silicon-coated paper used as backing for the labels, which used to end up as unrecyclable waste until quite recently. Now, thanks to the development of an innovative process which sees Masi in collaboration with the UPM Raflatac company, overseers of the RafCycle project, this type of waste too can be recycled to produce new paper and energy. So far we have collected about 30 quintals of silicone paper, and we expect to recycle an annual average of 200 quintals.

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