30 January 2017

Masi’s commitment to responsible production in the complete wine making process, from vineyard to bottling, has been further confirmed by the grant of certificates of conformity to international norms ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management System” and OHSAS 18001:2007 ”Occupational Health and Safety Management System” by the Swiss SQS organisation, internationally recognised suppliers of systems of certification and evaluation.
This is another step in line with Masi’s environmental and safety policies, which can be seen in multiple initiatives: from the exclusion of transport by vehicles powered by fossil fuel on site to the use of eco-sustainable energy from solar panels for more than 16% of the total energy requirement and the adoption of FSC certified packaging. Wines are being produced organically and some of them are already on the market: such as the Tuscan red Poderi BellOvile and the Argentinian white Passo Blanco, for example, together with other wines which will soon be able to carry the organic production label.

Masi’s attention for the environment has led to the Ministry of the Environment selecting the company for its VIVA Sustainable Wine project, promoting sustainability in the agricultural production process.

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