03 Aprile 2013

Panels made of untreated wood with bottle-shapes cut out in them, in a clear reference to wine packaging; floors made of oiled terracotta tiles, like the clay soils of Valpolicella; a spectacular glass counter inspired by the bottle sculptures of American artist Tony Cragg, all put together to create an open exhibition space of 225sq.m. based on the concepts of being “natural” and “eco-friendly”: this is the new Masi Agricola stand at Vinitaly (Hall 7 Stand C3).

“Our Vinitaly stand is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Masi’s commitment to the environment is concerned and, together with the entire winemaking process, it is the factor that gives us sustainable and quality production,” adds Sandro Boscaini, President of the well-known leading Amarone producer. The man entrusted with the project was designer Marco Morosini: “I wanted to express Masi’s spirit and philosophy, above all Masi’s respect for nature and deep roots in tradition, which are shown with the use of materials that have no artificial treatments to distance them from their natural state,” he says, “the principal inspiration of the project comes from the bottle itself, the classic container for all wines, stripped of all commercial references and repeated ad infinitum until it becomes the container of its own self.”


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