VIVA Sustainable Wine: Promoting Sustainability alongside the Ministry for the Environment
Masi was selected to represent the Veneto region in an important initiative promoted by the Ministry for the Environment. Safeguard of Land and Seas, with all requirements met. The aim of the scheme is to establish Italian wine as "one of the most identifiable components of our culture of management and protection for the rural environment and farming countryside, associated with product safety and consumer health".
This project measures the sustainability quotient for the entire production process, vine to wine, starting with a calculation of the "footprint" of water and carbon consumption.
Its purpose is to measure the environmental impact of vineyards by using data relative to vineyard management, such as presence of greenhouse gases, water resources, economic, human and social factors, and the cultural effect of viticulture on territorial promotion. The scheme will certify environmental quality for the entire production process and will be made visible through a Ministry sponsored logo.
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